Planning & Strategy

Be where your customer is. Proper positioning and constant presence.

Communication & Identity

Strengthen your image. Build a solid identity and is unique.


Spread to the world that your business exists. Frequent presence and Interactivity complete.


Keep your business on all platforms, anywhere. Tailored Solutions and Total mobility.

Latest Works

Sake Jun Daiti

Development and application for facebook Hotsite promoting Sake Jun Daiti and Fixagram.

Teva Brasil

Portal development, CMS and correct positioning of the company on the internet.

Development of e-commerce, website, facebook app and hot site.


In development. Search Portal by certified professionals in the medical field.


Cliente da Fabrik7 Fixagram
Cliente da Fabrik7 Arteria
Cliente da Fabrik7 Content 4 Business
Cliente da Fabrik7 .Mobi
Cliente da Fabrik7 Samsung
Cliente da Fabrik7 Encee
Cliente da Fabrik7 Mercado de Terras


Why Responsive Design?

With the constant evolution that we have seen every day in the technology, communications and internet, a new context is materialized to the issue of visual adaptation solutions within this new scenario that protrudes.

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eDetailing in your sales force

Reality already established in other countries, like the U.S., this mechanism provides a very wide range of possibilities. They range from product presentations and campaigns, through videos and pictures, to the complete customization of providing sensitive information to physicians or other medical professionals and hospital segments.

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Big Data, big responsibility

Have you ever stopped to think about the volume of data that is produced each time the Internet? And as all this is organized so that what you seek, always seeking some information reaches your device satisfactorily?

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